Stage 2 Follow On Formula 4 x Sachets

Our Certified Organic Follow On Formula is made in Australia from grass fed Australian cows’ milk and is designed to support the complete balanced nutrition of developing infants.

Stage 2 Follow On Formula 4 x Sachets

6-12 months


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Contains 4 x 36.8g Sachets of Stage 2 Follow On Formula

Follow On Formula provides a complete balanced nutrition for infants at this time of rapid growth & development and can complement the introduction of solid foods.

Suitable for Children Aged 6-12 months
Casein Protein Dominant
Balanced Nutrition
ACO & NASAA Certified Organic
Australian Made & Owned
Made from Australian Grass Fed Cows’ Milk
HACCP certified


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Complete nutrition for babies from birth to 6 months

Nutura’s unique fresh milk formulation retains the naturally occurring goodness from farmgate milk — that’s the Nutura Fresh Milk Difference.

Australian Made & Owned
Certified Organic
Made from Australian Milk
Grass Fed
Nutura Fresh Difference
Scoop In Lid
Casein Dominant
Balanced Nutrition


*ProductReview 2022 Awards Winner – Toddler Milk Drink, Australia's No. 1 Product Review Site

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