6 Outdoor Activities To Do With Kids This Summer – Right At Home

It’s almost time for summer holidays which means lots of time for playing outdoors and making memories with your family. To give your kids a summer to remember, even if staying at home is the new norm, it’s time to start planning some outside activities that you can quickly put together right in your own yard. To help get you started, here are six of our favourite active activities to do at home this season.

Arrange toys into an outdoor obstacle course

Chances are, you’ve got some toys and random objects lying around that can be easily placed throughout the yard as an obstacle course. Hula hoops, cones, wood planks, jump ropes, buckets, slides, and more can be arranged in so many different ways that your kids can spend hours creating their own courses and racing their siblings or friends.

Plant an herb garden

Starting a family veggie or herb garden this summer is a great outdoor learning activity for kids. Toddlers will love digging in the dirt and watering the plants while older children will enjoy the responsibility of growing something on their own. Plant herbs that you can put on kids’ meals like pizza and pasta or choose some easy summer veggies like capsicum, lettuce, or radishes.

Setup a backyard picnic or campsite

You don’t have to go far to have a family outing during the summer. Simply pack up some lunches and a blanket and set up a picnic in the yard or patio for a different mealtime experience that kids will love. If you want to make it a full evening event, set up a tent in the backyard, have a BBQ, build a bonfire, stargaze, and more for hours of entertainment without leaving home.

Go on a scavenger hunt

With a bit of planning from mum and dad, scavenger hunts can be a great outdoor activity that pique kids’ creativity and curiosity. If you go on walks around your neighbourhood or at the park, you can put together a list of items (ex. pinecone, animal tracks, feather, common birds you see around your home) and have your kids cross them off the list as you go. Or, stay in your own yard with a list of sensory items (ex. something rough, something smooth, something red, something shaped like a Y) and have your kids race to collect them.

Play with sensory bins

Sensory bins are an awesome way to keep toddlers entertained for hours – and they’re best placed outside, so they can make a mess. The idea of sensory bins is to engage a few or all senses while your baby explores the container by scooping, digging, filling, and spilling. Here’s how to make a simple sensory bin that’s even safe for those who might try to taste:

  1. Find a container that’s large enough for kids to be reaching in and playing with
  2. Fill the container with oats, cereal, or brown sugar
  3. Add in kitchen utensils, measuring cups, trucks, toys, small sand castle buckets, etc.

Allow some free play time

Luckily for parents, you don’t always have to have activities planned. Sometimes it’s best just to sit back and let your children go play on their own. This type of free play has no rules or structure and allows your kids to use their imagination, act on their own interests, work collaboratively with other kids, and be physically active – all while parents just get to relax.

With these few activities on hand, we’re hoping you can make the most of this summer with your family – even if it means not leaving your home.

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