At Nutura our passion is quality Children's nutrition

That’s why we started out on our mission is to provide premium quality children’s nutrition manufactured to the highest possible standards. Learn about our journey towards making the Premium Certified Organic and Australian Made range found on shelf today.


Functional Foods Global formed.


FFG begins developing brands and formulations including Nutura.


FFG searches for state of the art high quality manufacturing site to produce its products with the mandate to not only meet the standards set for a regular food factory but exceed them. FFG acquires Melbourne TGA licenses site dedicated to the highest quality manufacturing of infant powders and other nutritional products. FFG begins constructing and installing new equipment dedicated to Infant nutrition.


Site officially opened. Nutura is launched into the Australian market offering customers a high quality formula made to the highest quality and safety standards.


Nutura launches in Macau offering local Macanese and Chinese cross border customers Nutura formula. FFG brings on strategic investment partners to help develop the brand and formulations and expand Nutura’s presence in global markets.

Nutura starts development on an expanded product range.


Nutura releases its updated packaging and formulations and launches into Macau, Malaysia and Singapore. Nutura employs its own sales, marketing and distribution team in Macau to manage the region. Nutura launches 3 new products in the formula range; Pre and Post-natal, Stage 4 Kids and a nutritional Manuka Honey.


FFG launches its brand new Certified Organic range into the Australian and Asian markets which is strongly supported by a growing team of industry experts. Priceline become Nutura’s first proud partner of its Organic range.