Buying Used Baby Gear: What’s OK and What to Avoid

From prams to car seats to bedding to toys, all the baby gear you have to purchase can really add up, especially for parents expecting their first child. That’s why so many parents love shopping second hand for baby products! Not only are hand-me-downs budget friendly, but they’re also good for the environment by keeping barely used products out of landfill. 

But how safe are second-hand products for your baby? While many products are perfectly fine to accept used, there are a few products you should consider buying new. Keep reading for our guide to buying second-hand baby gear, including tips on how to do so safely!

Definitely Buy Used

Clothes: Your baby will grow out of clothes quickly, so buying these items used are a great idea to save some cash. Whether at garage sales, second-hand shops, or online marketplaces, you can often find baby clothes at a bargain – just be sure to give everything a wash!

Baby Baths: If you decide to use a baby bath, this is another product that will only be used for a short amount of time, so buying used is a good idea. As long as there is no mold or damage, you can typically find these is great condition.

Nursery Furniture: These larger items can really add up, so check out used furniture stores or online marketplaces when you’re looking for rocking chairs, changing tables, dressers, shelving units, and more to fill your nursery.

Maybe Buy Used

Toys: Toys and books are great to buy used or accept as hand-me-downs from friends or families, just be sure to inspect them first. Research for any recalls on the toy, thoroughly inspect for any loose parts, and disinfect or wash them before handing off to your baby.

Prams: For ultimate safety, you might want to consider purchasing a new pram. However, if you find a newer model pram that comes with the manual and is in great condition, you should be okay! Just be sure to check if it meets current Australian standards and doesn’t have any damage to the straps, brakes, wheels, etc.

Shoes: Again, your baby will grow out of shoes quickly, so it may be a good idea to shop used or accept hand-me-downs. You just need to make sure that the shoes haven’t molded to the previous wearers’ feet or it may cause trouble for your newly walking baby.

Don’t Buy Used

Car Seats: It can be hard to tell if a car seat has been in a car crash or damaged, which is why buying new is the safest way to go when it comes this item. Car seats are regularly updated for safety, so when you do buy new, you can rest assured your baby is secure.

Cots/Cot Mattresses: Cots are another baby product that is often recalled, which is why buying new is the safest option. Also, mattresses can become soft overtime, which is a SIDS risk, and they may contain dust mites or other insects that may not be visible – so think about buying these new, too.

Feeding Products: A general rule of thumb is to always purchase new breast pumps, bottles, formula, and any other product relating to feeding. Otherwise, there is a risk that the used products may not have been sanitised properly, or the formula is expired.

Tips for Buying Second Hand

Check for recalls: With all used baby products, you should do a quick search to make sure the product you’re thinking about buying hasn’t been recalled.

Look for damage: Before you commit to purchasing, talk to the seller about allowing you to do a thorough inspection of the item before buying. If you can’t see a pram before it’s delivered, you might lose out on money if it shows up damaged!

Sanitize Everything: No matter what item you purchase used, you should always make sure everything is clean and ready for your baby. This also includes clothes and gear that has been in storage in your own home from your first born.

Consider Warranties: When you purchase pricier items like car seats or prams new, they typically come with a warranty just in case the item gets damaged or recalled. If you buy used, you may not be able to claim the warranty, so it’s something to consider when deciding to buy new or used.

Buying baby gear second hand can help you save on items you’ll only use for a short time period and splurge on the items that matter the most to you! By following this guide, you can shop safely and confidently for your new baby.

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