Free samples and delivery for our Stage 3 Toddler Milk Drink.

  • Suitable for children aged 12-36 months.
  • Made from Certified Organic, fresh,
    Australian grass fed cows’ milk
  • Nutura’s Fresh Milk Difference formulation
    featuring Bioactive proteins lactoferrin and
    immunoglobulins (IgG) alongside vitamin C &
    zinc to support immune health development
  • Contains prebiotic oligosaccharides FOS
    & GOS to support healthy digestion and
    the growth of good gut bacteria
  • Contains omega 3 & 6 (DHA & ARA), iron and
    iodine to support cognitive development
  • Contains 16 vitamins and minerals
  • A formulated supplementary food for young children

(Australian Addresses Only)

    We voluntarily comply with the MAIF agreement which governs the advertising of Infant Formula products to parents in Australia. Samples of Stage 1 and 2 can only be provided by a Health Care professional upon request.