How to Nourish our Kids over the School Holidays

School holidays are here and while we have all had lots of practice having the kids home this year, it’s a good time to think about how to keep things on track without the structure and routine of school.

Top Tips To Survive the School Holidays

1. Continue to Meal Plan

Meal planning is a godsend for many families. It helps to make sure that we have lots of different foods throughout the week (rather than repeating the same things over and over). It helps to reduce food waste as we go to the supermarket/fresh food grocer knowing exactly what we need. Work around all of the activities and social events you may have on over the holiday period and let the kids have some input into which meals they would like to have during the week too.

2. Have lots of fresh foods available for quick and easy access

Making fresh food as convenient as packet food definitely helps to make it a favourable option when looking for snacks. Try to do a big ‘peel and chop’ of vegetables and leave them in the fridge in airtight containers for easy access for the whole family. If you or your family like vegetables with dips, have that available too.

A bowl of fruit within reach of all family members is also a great option, or our Good Smoothie Milk Powder range, made with fresh Australian milk, for a quick meal for children 3+.

3. Get the kids involved in cooking (not just baking)

Depending on the age of your children, encourage them to be in charge of cooking one night each week. They can choose the recipes, write the shopping lists and prepare the meals for the family. Not only does this give you a night off, but it will also give them really important skills and pride at watching everyone enjoy the meal they have created.

4. Encourage lots of physical activity and fresh air

We have been cooped up inside for many months this year, it’s time to get out and about. Consider walks, bike rides, scoots, trips to the park, nature hunts, swims, whatever it is that you and your children like to do. Always make sure that you are all SunSmart but topping up on some much needed fresh air and vitamin D makes physical activity even more fun.

5. Catch up on sleep

Teenage kids often fall behind on sleep during the school term due to their late nights and early mornings. Encourage all family members to try to take the time where we are not rushing around to catch up on their sleep so they can start the new year well rested.

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