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The moment we’ve been waiting for after 5 weeks, hundreds of beautiful video entries, thousands of votes and even more smiles and giggles. The time has come to announce our very special winner of the Nutura Village Vids Competition who will be jet-setting off to Hamilton Island to with their family. The Nutura team were very grateful to recruit Cheryl Orsini, our celebrated Nutura Village member whose amazing illustrations grace our packaging, to help decide the winner (because it was too hard to judge ourselves)!

Cheryl’s task was by no means easy, with many hilarious and heart-warming videos shared from many windows into little villages all round Australia. In the end there could only be one – so who did Cheryl choose?

Danielle Kneen | Aaa Bubble

Such an organic moment, no time to tidy her face – is that chocolate? Oh my goodness, I just spotted the little tear on her cheek. This little one knows what she means – aaa-bubble! I totally laughed out loud!

Cheryl Orsini

‘Nutura Village Vids’ Major Prize Winner

Danielle Kneen | Aaa Bubble
Trying to teach little miss to say Apple hahahaha

So what did Danielle have to say upon learning she’d won?

I still can’t believe our baby girl won. You have no idea what this means to us as a family. My husband works away a lot for work and we spent the whole of 2020 apart which was the first year of Miss Evelyn’s life. Going on this holiday means absolutely everything to us as a one wage family it really is once in a life time opportunity. Yes that is chocolate on our daughters face! If it’s not food she is covered in mud with her brother.  Ps she still thinks Apple is pronounce Baable 😂

Danielle Kneen

Thank you and see you again in 2022!

With our competition run and won, our entries are still visible via the competition link! Make sure you subscribe to our socials and newsletter, and we’ll let you know when we bring back our Village Vids competition even bigger and better in 2022! One last special thanks to all families and friends for liking, sharing, voting, watching and participating in the Nutura Village Vids Competition!

Competition starts 13 Oct 2021 & Closes 19 Nov 2021

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