Nutura Village Vids | Week 2 Winners

Week 2 of our Nutura Village vids comp has continued to give more joy to the Nutura team and Australian families across the country. We’ve now received hundreds of videos and votes across the country, celebrating the villages we live in! This week we saw lounge room dancing, adorable first words, and terrific school-made gifts for little brothers. Check out the terrific entries that have an iPad in the mail as this week’s winners!

‘Nutura’s Favourite’ of the Week

Danielle Kneen | Aaa bubble
Trying to teach little miss to say Apple hahahaha 

‘Audience Favourite’ of the Week

Mikaela Smith | Reunited with mum after two long weeks!
I recently contracted COVID-19 and was sent to hospital to isolate for two weeks, my toddler had never been apart from me before. I couldn’t even say goodbye to him or explain where mummy was going. When I finally came home he just sat there continued to kiss me over and over again.

‘Voting Winner’ of the Week

Latoya Buultjens | (voted for) ‘Sun Smart!’
Georgie girl has made a “beautiful” hat for her baby brother at kinder and was so proud and excited for him to try it on.

How can you you join in the fun?

There’s plenty of more laughs, smiles and giggle to be had with another 3 weeks remaining and 9 iPads to be given away. Remember all video entrants have a chance to be judged the Major Prize Winner with a chance to win a $10,000 prize to Hamilton Island and friends and families can win an iPad just by voting!

Competition starts 13 Oct 2021 & Closes 19 Nov 2021

Nutura Village Vids Competition

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