Nutura Village Vids | Week 5 Winners

Week 5 our last week of Nutura Village vids comp has come to a close, marking the finish to our amazing Nutura Village Vids competition. We’re so incredibly grateful to our extended Nutura community for letting us look through a window into the special moments of your village. We’re excited to discover who the winner of our $10,000 Hamilton Island Family holiday is this Friday. Until then, we’re thrilled to announce our final week minor iPad prize winners which you can uncover below. This week featured more special face-painting moments, some more fancy foot work and a very cute pre-game pump up! Enjoy 🙂

‘Nutura’s Favourite’ of the Week

Jane Miller | Propeller Partygoer
Hughie breaking out the moves to a Wiggles Classic!

‘Audience Favourite’ of the Week

Jessica Sullivan | Pre-game pump up
She loves watching the footy with daddy. They never miss a game.

‘Voting Winner’ of the Week

Mark Barquin | (voted for) Facepaint Anyone?
When I was cooking lunch, I noticed that the kids were quiet in the living room. I sneaked up to see them and saw my son painting my daughter’s face. I asked what they were doing and they just laughed their heads off

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Whilst our competition is closed, our entries are still visible via the competition link! We look forward to revealing our major prize winner this Friday. Make sure to subscribe to our socials and newsletter, and we’ll let you know when we bring back our Village Vids competition for 2022!

Competition starts 13 Oct 2021 & Closes 19 Nov 2021

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