Putting Together the Perfect Postnatal Plan

If you’re expecting, you probably have your birth plan set in stone, but do you have your postpartum plan ready? Just like you prepare for easing a baby into the world, you should prepare to ease yourself into motherhood with a plan that facilitates a smooth recovery. Here are a few of our suggestions for what to include in your postnatal plan to keep mum, dad, and baby happy.

Create a Visitors Plan

The first course of action for your postnatal plan is to decide who can visit in the first few days and weeks. Chances are, you are going to have tons of friends and family who are eager to meet your baby. Having a set plan for who can come can keep you and your partner organised and make sure you are not overwhelming yourself with too many visitors while you recover.

Assemble Your Village

Start asking your friends and family if they will be available and willing to help out in the first few weeks home with your baby and beyond. Your loved ones are going to be excited to help out, but they may not know exactly how. By calling them up beforehand, you can figure out how they would best be able to provide support. Write down their names and numbers so you and your partner have an easy directory for when you need support.

Your loved ones are going to be excited to help out, but they may not know exactly how.

Nourish Your Body

As new parents, you are going to be focusing a lot of time and energy on whether the baby is fed and happy – but don’t forget to nourish your own body as well! Since meal prepping after delivery will be near last on the agenda, here’s how you can plan for other ways to eat quick, easy, and healthy meals.

  • Freeze home-cooked meals before your due date
  • Designate someone to help with meals when you assemble your village
  • Stock up on snacks that will fuel your body

Preparing for the weeks after birth is just as important as preparing for the delivery of your baby. While this plan may change here and there when you get home, it’s still an important tool for discovering what mum will need while she recovers and who you can rely on for support.

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